creating value for our clients

A-List Real Estate is a premier registered real estate firm offering Exceptional Real Estate Agency, Sales & Marketing, Property Advisory & Facilities Management Services.

Our enlightened approach towards real estate management, development, branding, marketing and technology, moves all boundaries in the industry considered to be the norm by introducing custom made solutions unique to every property.

With a strong financial advisory backing our focus is to also provide optimal financial management solutions to property developers, investors, tenants and all stakeholders involved in real estate development.

Our Services

With a strong industry experience and expertise, we continually seek to provide comprehensive due diligence, value addition and professional practice services that include;

  • Property development
  • Transactions management on pre, during and post construction
  • Market studies, Feasibility studies and development appraisal
  • Financial Management
  • Land development options and strategy
  • Project Funding Proposals

Networking with local, regional, diaspora, expatriate and investor communities for purposes of Sale, Letting and Marketing of all classes of properties including Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Agricultural and developable land. Services Include;

  • Property Sales and Letting
  • Branding and Marketing of properties- 3D Virtual reality listings
  • Screening Tenants and Purchasers
  • Lease administration
  • Sales and feasibility reports

Comprehensive facilities management services designed to help optimize your buildings performance by ensuring your building’s assets are maintained to the highest standards while mitigating risks, improving safety and cost reduction through efficient streamlined processes. Services include;

  • Occupant support services
  • Landlord Leasing
  • Facilities Maintenance management plan
  • Optimize Landlord tenant relationship
  • Technical Services
  • SLA Management-Service Level management
  • Budget Reports
  • Service Charge Management
  • Rent collection
  • Financial Management

By focusing on the right demographic, the key has always been to get specific about our audience and the best ways to connect with them. With this foundation, it’s relatively simple to create organic marketing pieces that help us connect with them further.

Real Estate Marketing Services Both Digital & Print

  • Website content development and search engine optimization.
  • Social Media Setup and Content Development.
  • Social Media influencer marketing.
  • Personal and Third-Party website listing.
  • Professional Photography.
  • Professional Videography and 3D Virual Reality.
  • Marketing Collateral Content Development and Designbrand identity, banners,rollup banners, brochures, e-fliers, branded stationery, signboards,road light boxes, wall wrap banners, billboards.
  • Local sponsorship events, exhibitions, roadside and mall activations.
  • Open day hosting.
  • Features & Publications.
  • TV Ads
We are using VR to improve the customer experience of potential buyers by giving a stronger sense of the dimensions, space and potential of the property virtually, rather than a traditional brochure. Buyers are transported inside selected properties from the comfort of their own home or office and are able to walk around the property on their phones just as if they are physically there. Virtual visits are interactive, enhance tangibility and help narrow down the properties buyers need to visit, and saves them valuable time and effort.
Why a Virtual Tour?
  1. Access to global audiences: Your customers can view your property from anywhere in the world without having to be there in person.
  2. Virtual walk through: 3D walking tours on your website offering fully immersive property viewing directly to potential customers.
  3. Digital Age
    • 92% of home buyers search the internet before contacting an agent.
    • 85% of home buyers found interactive maps very useful, while 40% felt the same about virtual tours.